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Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment

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Best Nail Treatment Salon in Abu Dhabi

Neatly manicured nails are the ultimate sign of a well-dressed woman. While it might seem like a small part and oft-neglected part of your grooming routine, polish chips, hangnails, cuticle overgrowths, and unclean nails can leave you looking shabby even in your chicest outfit. Steer clear of the beauty disaster; ring your manicurist now. Hunting for a nail stylist you can trust? Let us help you. When you live in a bustling city like Abu Dhabi where you can find a salon (or more) on every corner – locating one that works for you might seem daunting. As always, we’ve got your back. We scoured the Emirate for plush salons that offer both a relaxing ambiance and skilled nail technicians. Rest assured, you’re in good hands (pun intended). Whether you’re looking to transform your nails with the latest nail-art designs, get fabulous feet for sandal weather, or rid your hands of a pesky hangnail, look no further than Nails Hair Master Ladies Salon tried-and-tested list of the best nail salons in Abu Dhabi.
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Manicure W/Polish

AED 50

Pedicure W/Polish

AED 60

Manicure Hard Gel

AED 100

French Tips

AED 20


AED 20

Nail Art Per Nail

AED 10

Gel Polish

AED 150

Acrylic Polish

AED 150

Manicure/Gel Polish

AED 60

Pedicure W/Gel Polish

AED 70

Manicure Hard Gel Refill

AED 80

Sticker Per Nail


Stone Per Nail


Dual Form W/Polish

AED 140

Acrylic Refill

AED 100

Acrylic Gel Polish

AED 200

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